Marketo Training Packages

Enhance your Marketo knowledge. Supercharge your career.

Just starting out?

If you’re new to Marketo or require a refresher, we provide an overview of every feature you need to run successful marketing campaigns.

Proficient Marketo user?

If you’re looking to advance your Marketo knowledge, we provide an understanding of the advanced functionality to push the boundaries of your campaign complexity and its success.

Want to become Marketo Certified?

Through a combination of in-person, classroom style training and our ongoing mentoring support, we can guide you all the way through to becoming a Marketo Certified Expert. In fact, we’re that confident in our knowledge and quality of training that we even offer a guarantee*.


"CleverTouch have been instrumental in supporting me and my colleagues in the central Ops team in becoming Marketo Certified Experts (MCE). The mix of in-person classroom training inside our platform instance and ongoing bespoke support and mentoring was the perfect practical balance to help us achieve success. With their support we were able to pass the Marketo Certified Exam 85% faster than if we continued self-learning, and best of all they guaranteed to support and mentor us all the way to MCE status."

Tim Creak, Marketing Operations Manager, Fujitsu.


"I've really enjoyed the training and felt that we’ve been able to dive into needs that are specific to our business and our desired use of Marketo. The training has opened our eyes to the many, many opportunities within Marketo but helped us stay focused on ‘best practice’ solutions."

Rikke Mikkelsen – Senior Marketing Executive at Stylus


"CleverTouch’s excellent training helped us to get certified. I want to thank the CleverTouch team for giving me the tools to not only pass the exam but to also to make Finland’s Marketo rollout a success"

Satu Ståhlstedt - EMEIA Marketing Operations at Fujtisu

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